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Special Feature: Catching Fire and Capitol Couture

     So we here at A Song of Ice and Attire, Inc. do not spend all of our time having in-depth discussions about Game of Thrones. Sometimes we have in-depth discussions about Harry Potter. Or Tamora Pierce's books. Or The Hunger Games.

     Fashion and clothing were discussed at length in The Hunger Games. Clothing and food were two of the factors that distinguished the wealthy citizens of the capitol from pretty much everyone else. (Even the people in the more affluent Districts did not, as far as we know, dye their skin green or pink.) And while the books were trying to make a statement against the kind of excessive consumerism that actively harms other people, we do not think that these books were actually anti-fashion. Katniss herself values Cinna's ability to make beautiful things, and admires the beauty of the outfits he designs.

     So can we talk about the fashion in the Catching Fire promo photos for a moment? (This will not be as in-depth as out GOT commentary, but we just really wanted to talk about this at least a little. This is, however, a hint of awesome features to come.)

     SPOILERS for all three Hunger Games books, consider yourself warned.

Entire outfit by Alexander McQueen, but sadly without the metal visor.

     Starting with Effie Trinket, because how could we not? In the books, Effie's style is overstated, garish to the point of being grotesque. And we kind of love that the costume departments answer to Futuristic Garishness is basically just "Looks straight off the Alexander McQueen runway, altered to fit Elizabeth Banks." (This really is straight-off-the-runway McQueen. And they toned it down.)  Even though Katniss does not particularly love Effie (with good reason) we kind of can't help but love the Barbie Doll matchiness of her hair, makeup, dress, gloves, and shoes.
     Also, we think Effie is actually a lot smarter than Katniss gives her credit for. Sarah was ridiculously relieved when she found out Effie survived Mockingjay.

No word as yet on the suit's designer.
     Ah Haymitch, you alcoholic badass. He basically has the look of the weird uncle whose definition of "formal" is throwing on a blazer over his t-shirt. Which, considering his disdain for anything and everything in the Capitol, makes perfect sense.

Caesar's boots are by John Fluevog (which makes so much sense). No word yet on the suit.

     This is going to sound odd, but compared to the way Caesar Flickerman was described in the books this outfit is almost... restrained. I mean, granted, he looks like someone who should be headlining in Vegas but we're kind of surprised that they went with a black suit, shirt and tie. We were imagining something a bit more Mabel Pines.

Cinna's books are by Rick Owens. No word yet on that badass leather suit.
     And then there's Cinna, who is also comparatively restrained in his fashion choices. Notably, though, this is still the outfit of someone with money; his clothes are well-made, with quality materials, and look relatively new. We totally dig the gold eyeliner and four earrings.

Glasses by Moscot Originals (of course the only designer info we get for Beetee is glasses). No word on the suit; the shoes are most likely Rick Owens.

     On to the tributes. Hi, Beetee! We are big fans of Beetee, particularly because he survived his Hunger Games pretty much on brains alone. And it would appear that he's a little bit of a hipster (or at least, that's the persona that his stylists have chosen to give him). He is also James Bond's CIA friend Felix, which means we love him extra.

This gown is by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau, from Fall/Winter 2011 Collection Nature Extends. Very appropriate for Our Lady of Awesome Lumberjack Fighting.

     Another straight-off-the-runway look for Johanna, this one also made entirely of ruffles. She looks cold and calculating, even in warm colors. (Johanna is Sophie's favorite character.)

No word on the designer; boots most likely Rick Owens.

     Hello Mr. Fanservice! Do not ask us what's going on with Finnick's pants. We don't know. He really could work as one of the Pirates Bodacious.

This gown is by Indonesian designer Tex Saverio, from his November 2010 Bridal Collection showcased at Jakarta Fashion Week.
     Katniss, looking even more dramatically high-fashion than Effie. Yet another dress made entirely of ruffles. (We're pretty sure that's the technical term for this sartorial technique.)
Credit where credit's due: Katniss really does look like a very fashionable bird here.

Peeta's suit is by Korean designer JUUN.J, and his books are by Rick Owens. Now we're imagining Cinna taking Peeta shoe shopping and no one died and everyone was happy forever.

     Peeta looks like he's in an add for expensive vodka. With weird lapels. (What is that in his pocket? Is... is that a golden pocket square? Oh Peeta.)

No word on the designer(s), but Sarah really wants to know where that cape came from.
     President Snow doesn't really partake in Capitol culture or fashion. He is too busy poisoning everyone. This is an outfit for a public appearance; with the cloak and the long coat he looks more like a general than a politician. The cape clearly illustrates that President Snow lives for drama.
No designer info either.

     Gale doesn't get to be fabulous. None for you, Gale...

'Catching Fire' movie: Effie in her Victory Tour dress
This outfit was designed by the film's costumer Trish Summerville out of patent leather. Not sure who designed the shoes, but we are sure we want to go to there.

     ...because Effie stole all the extra fabulous for herself. We approve.

     There's plenty more over at Capitol Couture. If you recognize any of the designers we missed, please drop us a line in the comments or tweet at us!

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